Every living system is constantly changing. This happens to me, to you, to all of society. This way, I discovered a silent killer: the comfort zone. If I stay there for too long, unaware of it, it starts to pain me mentally as well as physically. Best to leave that place as soon as possible. How do I do this?

You know, I am not just waiting until the next change comes along… unless I get to launch that change myself.

This led me to bury myself into coaching and people’s development. We live in a society in which individual development seems to become more and more important. As a professional coach, I support this. I have a wonderful job, in which I can witness people taking their next step. For this, I am very grateful.

Apart from my focus on coaching, I have applied myself to system thinking. In every assignment I combine both, so I do not see coaching as an isolated given, since then it doesn’t work. As a human being, I am part of a greater whole (organisation, family…) and I have my own history. Those context factors also determine the result of a development programme as an individual, team or organisation.

I also dream of a network society, in which every one of us is able to contribute to the greater whole with our own talents.

Personal skills and qualitative relations are the central point.

This also ensures that everyone is connected. As soon as one person moves, this has an impact on the others, resulting in permanent change.

Keep me informed of new developments in the field of coaching and system thinking.

In my role as coach and entrepreneur I contribute to the development of skills and qualitative relations. I get to work with individuals and groups, in organisations and outside of them.

For you, this means:

  • As a client or participant, you will be able to let go of the daily rush, discover what you really desire, and develop the trust and spirit to take on your (professional) role with a fresh view.
  • If you are responsible for employees’ development, I would like to function as a sounding board to situate coaching within the greater whole of your organisation, so it turns into a positive experience for all interested parties.

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