Full day workshop: systemic navigation within organisations

In order to get a clear perspective of the organisation, we take a methodical approach before determining the best route to take. When we know how the system works, we can see how this affects the wider picture. We need to take various factors into account – not just our client but also other executives, the company, its stakeholders…..Everyone has a different way of dealing with issues that may not always seem related – family, work, exercise….Through this search, underlying and often subconscious concerns frequently come to light.
There are clear patterns: in the search for a balance through giving and taking, every element has a role to play and it is a question of dealing with them in order. It is feasible that by honing in on the situation, solutions become clearer.

Practical info

Equijoy, Ell, Nederland

Wednesday 19 February 2020 - Wednesday 19 February 2020


10u00 - 17u00

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