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We have called on the services of Navigo Assistance on several occasions already and specifically with Dirk Versées in his capacity as a management coach for first line managers. We have always had very good feedback about him and his techniques. Dirk knows exactly how to assess and tackle the needs of the group. He always delivers a service tailor-made to the requirements of the company, participants, their level and the company culture. In addition, he has the clarity to see what the organisation needs, maximises the impact and gives relevant feedback. We will work with Dirk again in the future.

Diane Smets – Leadership Development Mgr – Johnson Controls


The company recently became part of an international group, resulting in a change in the management team and the need to implement new policies. With Dirk’s help we were able to create the right team based on the competences available internally. New positions were identified, whilst some existing roles were re-designed. Dirk’s team building session was a real eye opener and the cooperation within the management team has improved dramatically; we will meet again in the future. I appreciated Dirk’s open mind, creativity and structured approach to tackling problems. Finally, he has a very good understanding of industry challenges and opportunities.

Yves Malherbe – General Manager – Petroplus


I was faced with eight new Account Managers in a team of 15. In order to integrate these new members of staff as quickly as possible, we decided to use an external sales coach. We also had to get the team to work quicker and more efficiently.

After evaluating several proposals, we decided to work with Dirk Versées as, through his HR experience, he could also support them psychologically in addition to the sales programme. In the long run, Dirk was accepted as part of the team. He ensured that the group created a common goal themselves through his work with them. Our management confirmed that he always had a clear picture of how the team’s skills would develop. As a result, sales came in not only quicker but also were higher than expected.

Thierry De Vos – Sales Manager BU Tax & Finance – Kluwer


Dirk has an open mind and uses his integrity and strong communication skills to achieve results. He takes his role as an HR partner seriously. It is great to be able to work with a professional with multi-disciplinary skills, equally capable of individual and group coaching, who has practical knowledge of the HR world. The individual coaching highlighted the individuals’ needs.

The group coaching was extremely worthwhile as it created a common vision and strategy for the business. The purpose of the coaching was practical and allowed the staff to experience more and get to grips with the issues in a short time. They learnt to use the skills one by one in their working environment in a structured yet personalised way. Coaching has to be used in conjunction with developing competences in leadership, management, teamwork… and therefore personal engagement with staff is vital. Without this personal relationship, coaching cannot be successful. The right start with clear expectations on both sides and a final evaluation are necessary factors for coaching.

Veerle Van Praet – HR Manager – Stork Technical Services Belgium N.V.


I see Dirk as a coach who clearly knows what is expected of his profession. He gets straight on with the job, demonstrates empathy with his client and creates a positive mood in which to tackle the issues. He was pleasant to work with and took the time to follow up afterwards.

Ingrid Dierckx – HR Director – Janssen Pharmaceutica – Johnson & Johnson


After a couple of years in my current job I needed the time and space to look at some issues beyond my daily routine. The question revolved around interpersonal relationships and how I could or should respond. First of all, the coaching helped me to determine in which particular area I needed help and what my objectives were. Then, during the course of our sessions, I was able to put new skills I learnt into practice and move on. The opportunity to take part, the good ideas that came out of our time together and the influence they had on my way of working were a real bonus.

KV – Administrative Manager – UZA


At the start, the situation is the following. 18 years international corporate career, needing a change, a big change. Just like in any good business decision, I wanted to reduce risk and assure success.
Having a pretty good vision of where I wanted to go, I had made the decision for change and the commitment was there. However, to succeed in such a move, I did not want to do it alone.

Making a big career change is multidimensional. There are your peers, your family, your professional network and at the core, yourself. With a decision impacting so many facets, who can you turn to as a sounding board and partner? That’s why I decided to team up with Navigo.

Dirk is a very good challenger. He has the industry background, asks the right questions and he has been in the real world. Dirk has a solid understanding in knowing where the boundaries lie for a “coach”. I always felt that my destiny was 100% in my hands, the program I set for myself was mine, and Dirk was always there to challenge me without any judgement if I did not deviate from these objectives. Bottom line – With the career change behind me, successfully launched in my new direction, I can recommend Navigo.

Scott Garlick – Director – Scodex sprl


Dirk is skilled in the art of “navigating” in companies and understands how to mentor his clients, creating a sound level of communication through trust so that working with him is natural.

Els Schepens – Psychotherapist/lector – KHLim


An organisation change led me to question my future career. I undertook this exercise, evaluating my position in relation to others, thus gaining more insight into underlying motives and behaviour patterns. It was a fascinating experience which enabled me to develop personally. It took courage but with the expert guidance of Hilde and Dirk, everything fell into place.

Marleen Vaneygen – Health care policy coordinator – FOD Public Health


From the very first session, we got a good example of how one can find one another professionally/intellectually. Dirk is very experienced in guiding people towards the realisation of specified targets, but above all, he is someone who can listen, and that especially was what I needed. I have now also learnt how I can get people’s attention, and how to influence and convince them more. I keep a fond memory of our cooperation.

Kris Lion – Project Development Manager – ABB


Without devaluing the importance of communication skills and techniques, this programme focuses most on the coach’s DNA, on the importance of the right match between coach, client and sponsor, so the results are satisfying for all parties. This personal voyage of discovery is a must for every aspiring coach or for coaches questioning themselves.

Inge – Coach Leadership and transformation – KBC Bank and Insurance


This programme is intriguing, fascinating, instructive, and it shows new perspectives, connects people with themselves and each other, gives insights in patterns and systems. I particularly discovered what I as a COACH would like to stand for and how others might see me in that role. I have been triggered plenty to subscribe to the sequel.

Veerle – Relationship manager – Argenta


Maarten Andriessen – Entrepreneur – Maarten Andriessen bv


Michel – Manager projects and product development – Provincie Antwerpen

Nancy Kuhn – IT Director – Securitas

Dirk helps you to better map, understand and improve your surroundings. Our talks and his advice have helped me to create a better version of myself.

Nancy Kuhn – IT Director – Securitas

Tim Klaassen – General Director – Dienstenthuis Turnhout

As a director, manager and coach, you have to be open and transparent towards your people. But to be able to do that, you first have to open and transparent with yourself. Dirk has created the perfect framework for this.

Tim Klaassen – General Director – Dienstenthuis Turnhout


This was a very interesting voyage of discovery. The assignments showed me sides of myself I did not know I had. Professionally, it was very enriching. Certain aspects I emphasised too much as yet, can now disappear into the background, and the stronger points can grow. Thank you.

Sofie – Nutritional consultant


As the new head of department of the public works service at a civil administration, I needed extra support to fulfil my role as a leader. During several sessions, Dirk was able to teach me different techniques relating to the development of management skills. Apart from advice, coaching included an opportunity to reflect, contemplate and develop myself. In a very practical and concrete way, Dirk offered me tools to fulfil my role within the organisation. The sessions were pleasant and the training was an added value in practising my new job. I also feel more comfortable in my role as a leader within the organisation thanks to the coaching programme.

Erik Van Belle – Head of Public Works – Local Government

Sigrid De Bie – HR Director – Voka

I used to worry whether it was possible to combine all my different roles. Today I am at peace with my decisions and I understand that I do not have to choose. My path may not be the traditional one, but it is my own.

Sigrid De Bie – HR Director – Voka


Systemic coaching workshop was next to more insight into the thinking system also very successful in the practical exercise. As a facilitator, Dirk has brought the group and especially myself to more awareness and insight during the family setup. Worth repeating!

Annelies Steenbeke – CEO – Obelisk nv

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