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How to encourage personal leadership

Many factors determine whether a team functions well. There are the dynamics within the group, the division of tasks, the efficiency of the internal processes and the role of the manager. But a team does not operate in a vacuum—the work environment also plays a role. With coaching, we examine how all team members and managers can take personal leadership of their part in the group process. We analyze and strengthen the collaboration, so that you can achieve your goals together.

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Your team has changed:

The composition of your team has changed.

Two departments have been merged and now report to the same manager.

A number of new employees have joined the team and need to find their place.

The responsibilities within a team have changed, or tasks are being redistributed.

A new manager has been appointed, which met with resistance from the team.

The workload has increased, and no longer seems feasible.

Your team needs to come together:

Your newly appointed team is working together for the first time.

Your existing team is struggling with communication.

The team’s mission is no longer clear.

You want to put to bed a conflict that has been brewing for a long time.

There is a disconnect between a manager and their team.

Senior and junior employees are failing to understand each other’s positions.

You want to improve cooperation:

Make the roles and responsibilities clear for everyone.

Use the different qualities of each team member optimally.

Optimize cooperation and streamline processes within the team.

Make sure that all team members know what is expected of them.

Define objectives that are both challenging and achievable.

Encourage self-awareness and personal leadership within your team.

After this coaching programme:

  • You will have laid the foundation for a new way of working together.
  • You will have grown as an individual and as a team.
  • Your team will be agile and able to adapt to circumstances quickly.
  • You will have more insight into underlying frustrations and know how to solve them.
  • You will see the potential of team members and be better able to connect their strengths.
  • You will have increased the impact of your team.
  • The shared vision of your team will be clear again.
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“At one point, I had 8 new account managers in a team of 15 people. To get those new colleagues on track as quickly as possible, we decided to team up with Dirk Versées. His approach met with great enthusiasm within our sales community. He always reported back to our management with a clear picture of how the skills of our people were evolving and his approach ultimately resulted, faster than ever expected, in a higher sales intake. ”

– Thierry De Vos – salesmanager BU Tax & Finance – Kluwer

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Get the book: “Beter werken met coaches” (Dutch)

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