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Develop your unique inner compass, together with others.

Develop your unique inner compass

You have a lot of business experience, but lately, you are feeling increasingly dissatisfied and restless. You wonder: What am I doing? Is my salary worth this effort? Do I even enjoy this anymore? Am I getting enough satisfaction out of my work?

It can be painful – especially if you can’t find the answer to the question: What is my next step? You hesitate. The longer you ponder, the cloudier your thoughts get. You feel stuck in your mind.

What you need is a group of allies to help you figure things out: people like you, who are not afraid to question themselves. Like-minded companions who are determined to tackle the big life and career decisions with you. Together, you help each other find peace, stability, job satisfaction, and the confidence that you are making a difference in the world.

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After this coaching programme:

  • You will know who you are and where you want to go.
  • You will actively take control of your life.
  • You will feel proud of who you have become.
  • You will be more transparent towards the people around you.
  • You will make decisions based on your values.
  • You will feel confident because you are operating from your strengths.
  • You will know how to optimally coach people who report to you.
  • You will understand the principles of systemic thinking.

What to expect

You will embark on a journey together with others in a safe environment. You will listen to each other’s stories and act as a mutual sounding board. In this prejudice-free space, you can let your guard down and ask anything. Here you can talk openly about topics that are not up for discussion at home or at work. I will be your guide during this process, providing a pleasant and diverse learning environment with exercises in different shapes and forms. I will be your biggest ally, during but also after the coaching programme.

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“In the middle of the rat race that is life and work, you suddenly have a moment of clarity and think: wait – what am I doing? Is this what I want? Why is my energy constantly being drained instead of replenished? Do I have the courage to choose those things that are valuable to me? By gaining insight into your own system, you are able to recalibrate your inner compass. Dirk has a very natural way of giving you the time and space to figure that out for yourself.”

– Carl

Basic Course:

Develop your inner compass

As your coach, I will help you map out who you are and where you want to go. Together, we tear down the walls that are holding you back. You will learn how to rely on your inner strength, even when people are asking too much (or too little) of you. You will find out what your boundaries are and how you can protect them. It will help you execute your tasks calmly and peacefully. You will start your day with a smile because you know: whatever life throws at me, I have the tools to deal with it.

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Follow-up Course:

Use your inner compass

Have you completed the introductory course, and are you eager for more? Then this follow-up course is for you. Once you have developed your inner compass, you need to make a habit of using it. This time, there are no other participants. The focus is solely on you, and you are supported by me and my fellow experts. Together we ensure that you stay on track. Staying true to your compass can be challenging: you need to take the reins, replace your reactive mindset with a proactive one and develop a habit of respectful assertiveness. It can be intense! We will guide you along your way to sustainable, personal leadership.

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“I took the compass training with Dirk. It helped me choose the department of the company that aligns most with my personal energy. I feel like a different person. I must admit that it is challenging to carry my compass around with me and use it every day. I have been coached plenty of times before, but this particular programme has made a lasting imprint on my life journey.”

– Sofie

How does it work?

You decide whether you want to be coached individually or in a group. The process for both is the same:


Before the programme:

Contact me for a free chat, without any obligation. Tell me your unique story. Together we will work out which programme would be best suited to reach your goals.


During the programme:

During the coaching sessions, you get the time and space to unravel the chaos of daily life. I listen, challenge you and support you. I might offer suggestions here and there. It is up to you whether you want to act upon them.


After the programme:

I remain available for further support, even afterwards. Graduates of the group programme receive a membership and are invited to a reunion.

It’s time to take the helm

Let me know what challenges you are currently struggling with.

During a free introductory call, we can discuss the possibilities. Afterwards, you receive a free quote without any obligation.

I look forward to helping you live your best life!

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