Coaching within your organisation

Strong as an individual, team and company.

Strong as an individual, team and company

Organisations are increasingly facing situations they have never dealt with before. They need to make decisions based on limited information, in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. It is in these times that employees look to management for guidance. More than ever, leading by example is crucial for the success of an organisation. Team coaching is all about restoring trust and peace within a company. We establish role clarity and make sure that everyone feels connected while staying true to themselves. It creates meaningful collaborations between team members as well as between management and the team as a whole.

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What you can expect:

Individual support
I help every member of (middle) management find the best way to execute their role in an ever-changing context.

Increased team spirit
You will transcend your fixed thinking patterns and create an environment where everyone can learn from each other.

HR assistance
If requested, I can report back to the HR department and advise them on additional development opportunities.

Help in becoming a network organisation
I help your company become a network organisation with flexible work schedules so that your team can execute tasks independent of location and time.


“We have called upon Dirk numerous times for the training and coaching of our first-line managers. With each project, we received very positive feedback from our customer base about Dirk’s interventions. Dirk seems to understand very well which approach is needed to respond to the expectations of the customer accurately. With every intervention he came up with a tailor-made solution that catered to the exact needs of the organisation and the participants while taking into account both the experience level of the participants and the culture within the organisation.

He also demonstrated a good understanding of the kind of adjustments that are necessary within an organisation to maximize the positive impact of his intervention. He communicated this back to the organisation in a constructive way. We will certainly call upon Dirk again for future projects.”

– Diane Smets – Leadership Development Manager – Johnson Controls

After this coaching programme:

  • Each team member will know what the organisation stands for and wants to achieve.
  • The company vision will be translated into a concrete action plan.
  • The roles and responsibilities will be clear at every level of the organisation.
  • The teams will be aligned again.
  • You will feel driven and fulfilled instead of frustrated and powerless.
  • You will have a strategy to fall back on when something unexpected happens in the future.

How does it work?

You decide whether you want to be coached individually or in a group. The process for both is the same:


Before the programme:

Contact me for a free chat, without any obligation. Tell me your unique story. Together we will work out which programme would be best suited to reach your goals.


During the programme:

During the coaching sessions, you get the time and space to unravel the chaos of daily life. I listen, challenge you and support you. I might offer suggestions here and there. It is up to you whether you want to act upon them.


After the programme:

I remain available for further support, even afterwards. Graduates of the group programme receive a membership and are invited to a reunion.

Get ready for a fresh start

Tell me which challenges your organisation is currently facing.

During a free call, we can discuss how I can help you.

I look forward to helping you and your team unlock your full potential!

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Get the book: “Beter werken met coaches” (Dutch)

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