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What is coaching?

The way we perceive coaching has changed immensely over the past decades. What used to be ‘something for softies’ has turned into a valuable instrument used by companies to help people tap into their full potential. Good coaching focusses on more than just personal development. It also adds to the success of the organisation as a whole.

What are you looking for?

Coaching you

Coaching for you

Become the leader of your personal and professional life.

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Coaching your team

Coaching for your team

Empower each other to achieve exceptional results together.

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Coaching within your organisation

Coaching in your organisation

Improve efficiency and cooperation within your organisation.

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What can coaching help you with?

Finding meaning

"Is this all there is?"

Somewhere along the way you have lost yourself. You don’t know where you want to go anymore. All you know is that something needs to change. If only you could do meaningful work. If only you could feel like you are making a difference. The journey towards that purposeful life is one that you can tackle in a structured way with coaching.

Dealing with change

"I never asked for this."

Something in your work environment has changed. Maybe you got promoted into a leadership role, but you don’t know how to take on that responsibility. Perhaps some new people joined the team, or two divisions were merged. You are looking for ways to deal with change.

Solving a problem

"Things will never change."

Something is causing friction within the organisation. Maybe the roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined. Perhaps you work in a family business, and the line between your personal and professional life has blurred. Or you feel like you do not receive the support you need at work. Together we get to the heart of the matter. And then, solutions often emerge unexpectedly.

Finding a sounding board

"I can’t discuss this with anyone."

Company leaders usually have very few people to confide in. They cannot talk about their everyday problems because conflicts are confidential and sensitive information should remain within the company. As a result, managers carry a load on their shoulders all the time. As a certified coach with a duty of confidentiality, I am a trusted confidant as well as a challenging sparring partner.

My approach

Coaching is a way to get you out of your comfort zone, challenge you and support you at the same time. During our conversations and exercises, I help you uncover and overcome obstacles. My approach is multidisciplinary, meaning that I combine techniques from different fields to adjust my approach to your needs. I am committed to sustainable change as opposed to quick fixes with fading results. The insights and techniques that I provide will empower you for years to come.
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My approach


“People are like icebergs. What you see on the surface is only 20% of who they are. 80% is not visible to the naked eye. Coaching is nothing more than making the water subside. Because then we discover the common ground that we did not know we had. Everything and everyone is connected.”

– Dirk Versées

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