Workshop: Systemic constellations in business settings

Systemic constellations

vrijdag 25 juni 2021
13:30 - 17:30

Kapellen, Berkenlaan 59

300,00excl. btw

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A systemic approach is used, for example within coaching, to get a clearer picture of a situation. When we map out the system, this often concerns the broader context. Not only the person in question, but also their manager, the organization in which they work, the stakeholders,… After all, each individual is part of several systems that may or may not be interconnected: family, company, their sports club, … Through the systemic approach, underlying and often unconscious dynamics become visible.

Three systemic principles are universal: there should be a balance between giving and receiving, each element has a place and there is an order between the elements of the system Possible violations of these principles come to light during a constellation.

Constellations can be set up in various ways: through floor anchors, with representatives, with table constellations or through drawings, … The methodology is broad and the themes are diverse.


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