The book: “Beter werken met coaches. Hoe doe je dat?”


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In my book, Beter werken met coaches, I combine over 14 years of coaching experience to help you successfully deploy coaches in your organisation.


Today, most organisations understand the value of a good coaching policy.
But a lot of questions remain:

  • What can I expect from a coach?
  • What can we do ourselves, and what do we need to outsource?
  • Where do I find the right coach for my situation?
  • How do I know whether a coach will live up to my expectations?
  • What is the cost of coaching?
  • What is the return on investment?
  • How do I measure the results?

This book holds the answers to all those questions. It also offers a clear framework, based on hands-on experience and underpinned by scientific research. I also shed some light on the way I expect coaching to evolve in the future.

I wrote the book “Beter werken met coaches” for every CEO, HR Manager, company owner or manager who needs a practical guide to setting up a professional coaching policy.


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