Team coaching

The term ‘team coaching’ has more than one meaning.

Usually team coaching is understood to mean the interventions a leader or an external coach can do, that have an influence on the interaction between team members. This way, a team can take ownership for tasks and the cooperation process, so team targets can be reached. It is all about waking up and coordinating the potential that is present in a team.

Personally, I add the systemic perspective, which is broader than the dynamics within the team. Just like in individual coaching, there are numerous elements in the environment that influence the functioning of a team. How a team connects to the environment and which mandate a team receives to fulfil its expected role; those are extra factors we take into account to avoid an isolated approach in team coaching.

The functioning of a team is thus influenced by external elements and the quality of the interaction between the team members.

Would you like to know how? Watch this webinar by Leda Turai and myself for ICF International.

Once you have experienced yourself how coaching works and what it can do, you can also apply it to your own team. You could do this yourself as a leader, I could take on that role, or we could do it together.

Below you can find a couple of reasons why organisations choose team coaching:

  1. The team’s workload increases and does not seem manageable anymore: team members become worried and pull out
  2. The team’s structure changes: it seems as if everyone has lost their place
  3. A group of people are supposed to work together as a team, but the period of training is very short
  4. The team is being lead by an informal leader: the formal leader loses grip
  5. Two teams fusion that differ geographically or culturally. Only one leader stays on board: how do you deal with this as leader

As soon as you call me, we will have an elaborate conversation. Together, we will take a look at what’s happening within the team and at the team’s stakeholders, the environmental elements… Through your experience with the company and my intervention repertory as system-oriented coach, we will look for the right approach to get results. We will also settle how we will measure the results after the programme, and discuss if team coaching is even the right answer to your question.

Themes which will receive ample treatment: dealing with change, the evolution of a group towards a team, connecting mutually, a team’s effectiveness, from a strategy to an action plan, efficiency during team sessions, brainstorming on a new future…

I accept the challenge!


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