Workshop Systemic Navigation

Imagine that within your company or organisation you learn to understand what is holding you back, individually, as a team or all colleagues together. You could transform old habits and immediately feel a shift to a focus that helps you move forward, so you could experience more freedom of choice.

During half a day

  • You experience the effect of having a systemic view on things
  • You get the opportunity to implement a case from your working environment
  • You are an active witness of an organisation constellation of a colleague
  • In a safe group of enthusiastic participants


Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.

Annelies Steenbeke -

As inexperienced and youngest participant I soft-heartedly joined something I could not capture completely. Thanks to Dirk’s informal approach, the afternoon turned into a safe platform where you got a […]

Tine -

The group session ‘Systemic navigation in organisations’ blew me away. I got to know ‘constellations’: position the other coachees in the room in a way that they physically represent the […]

Koen -

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