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Do you also want (again) more fun at work?

Do you want to start the day with full enthusiasm, and still have energy left for fun activities in the evening?

After years of professional experience and a couple of job changes, a feeling of dissatisfaction and impatience starts to grow. More and more often I ask myself: “What in God’s name am I doing? What do I do in exchange for my monthly pay and is this even still enjoyable?”

It’s painful, especially when I can’t answer the question: what do I want now? I am in doubt, and the longer this goes on, the more doubts come up. I am stuck in one big tangle of thoughts. Frustration! Am I the only one who ever struggled with this question?

I become aware that I’m getting stuck, and I need allies with whom I can explore my doubts as well as my strengths.

No, no therapist or psychologist… I am looking out for like-minded people. I just need a sparring partner and some unconditional supporters. I am looking for people who, just like me, want to get to work proactively with their lives and their careers, who have enough energy and are not afraid to question themselves.

Do you recognise this? Could you do with some new choices?

I found a way to take on this challenge and want to share it with you. We will go on the journey together, mutual challenge and support included. The reward is special: a feeling of peace and stability, joy from my job, thankful to contribute to a greater whole.

Participants talk about what this programme meant to them.

A fun extra: the mutual interaction within the group creates a connection of trust, which often gives rise to a new, enduring network which lives on long after the programme: loyal supporters!

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