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Annelies Steenbeke - -

As inexperienced and youngest participant I soft-heartedly joined something I could not capture completely. Thanks to Dirk’s informal approach, the afternoon turned into a safe platform where you got a clear perspective on your own working situation and your relation to your colleagues and directors, through specific questions and the help of other participants. Very instructive, after only one afternoon! It is still hard to capture, but the programme gives you insights and tools to concretely move forward in a working situation that is stuck or to tackle the insecurity you experience when taking charge.

Tine - -

The group session ‘Systemic navigation in organisations’ blew me away. I got to know ‘constellations’: position the other coachees in the room in a way that they physically represent the relations within your team. I could help others find an answer to the question they were struggling with, simply by standing where they put me. I myself did not have a specific question… I thought. Dirk asked me the right questions, until I could see very sharply, before my own eyes, what I was struggling with. I, on my turn, used the other coachees to represent my environment, and suddenly I saw very clearly how simple it was. By remembering this constellation at work, my working environment suddenly seems wonderfully simple. Thank you, Hilde and Dirk!

Koen - -

An organisation change led me to question my future career. I undertook this exercise, evaluating my position in relation to others, thus gaining more insight into underlying motives and behaviour patterns. It was a fascinating experience which enabled me to develop personally. It took courage but with the expert guidance of Hilde and Dirk, everything fell into place.

Marleen Vaneygen - -

Dirk is skilled in the art of “navigating” in companies and understands how to mentor his clients, creating a sound level of communication through trust so that working with him is natural.

Els Schepens - Psychotherapist/Lecturer - KHlim

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