I was faced with eight new Account Managers in a team of 15. In order to integrate these new members of staff as quickly as possible, we decided to use an external sales coach. We also had to get the team to work quicker and more efficiently.

After evaluating several proposals, we decided to work with Dirk Versées as, through his HR experience, he could also support them psychologically in addition to the sales programme. In the long run, Dirk was accepted as part of the team. He ensured that the group created a common goal themselves through his work with them. Our management confirmed that he always had a clear picture of how the team’s skills would develop. As a result, sales came in not only quicker but also were higher than expected.

Thierry De Vos - Sales Manager BU Tax & Finance - Kluwer

We have called on the services of Navigo Assistance on several occasions already and specifically with Dirk Versées in his capacity as a management coach for first line managers. We have always had very good feedback about him and his techniques. Dirk knows exactly how to assess and tackle the needs of the group. He always delivers a service tailor-made to the requirements of the company, participants, their level and the company culture. In addition, he has the clarity to see what the organisation needs, maximises the impact and gives relevant feedback. We will work with Dirk again in the future.

Diane Smets - Leadership Development Mgr - Johnson Controls

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