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Annelies Steenbeke - -

This programme is intriguing, fascinating, instructive, and it shows new perspectives, connects people with themselves and each other, gives insights in patterns and systems. I particularly discovered what I as a COACH would like to stand for and how others might see me in that role. I have been triggered plenty to subscribe to the sequel.

Veerle - -

Without devaluing the importance of communication skills and techniques, this programme focuses most on the coach’s DNA, on the importance of the right match between coach, client and sponsor, so the results are satisfying for all parties. This personal voyage of discovery is a must for every aspiring coach or for coaches questioning themselves.

Inge - -

This was a very interesting voyage of discovery. The assignments showed me sides of myself I did not know I had. Professionally, it was very enriching. Certain aspects I emphasised too much as yet, can now disappear into the background, and the stronger points can grow. Thank you.

Sofie - -

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