You actually do know who you are and what it is you should work on (it’s in your genes). You have tackled those weak points and done some work on them. However, at some point in time you notice that they become stronger again, so for me it was about time to zoom in on those once again and work on them. Time for some coaching. Not just any coaching, but talking to someone you can trust, someone who can listen, someone who helps you paint the picture. Not only your own picture, but also that of your environment. Someone who helps you understand that picture and make it better. Because of Dirk Versées’ advice and my conversations with him, I can now be a better version of myself.

Nancy Kuhn - IT Director - Securitas

From the very first session, we got a good example of how one can find one another professionally/intellectually. Dirk is very experienced in guiding people towards the realisation of specified targets, but above all, he is someone who can listen, and that especially was what I needed. I have now also learnt how I can get people’s attention, and how to influence and convince them more. I keep a fond memory of our cooperation.

Kris Lion - - ABB

I had worked for eighteen years in the corporate world but wanted a change. However, as with any business decision, I was not prepared to take too many risks and wanted to be successful! Making such a change has an impact on so many people – your peers, family, professional network – not to mention yourself. Where do you go? Who do you turn to? I chose Dirk. He has industry background, asks the right questions and he has been part of the real world. Dirk knows exactly where the boundaries lie for a “coach”. I always felt that I was 100% in charge of my destiny, I set my own programme, yet Dirk was always there to challenge me without judgement if I deviated from those objectives. The result – a career change and a new direction! I recommend him.

Scott Garlick - Owner - Scodex sprl

Dirk has an open mind and uses his integrity and strong communication skills to achieve results. He takes his role as an HR partner seriously. It is great to be able to work with a professional with multi-disciplinary skills, equally capable of individual and group coaching, who has practical knowledge of the HR world. The individual coaching highlighted the individuals’ needs.

The group coaching was extremely worthwhile as it created a common vision and strategy for the business. The purpose of the coaching was practical and allowed the staff to experience more and get to grips with the issues in a short time. They learnt to use the skills one by one in their working environment in a structured yet personalised way. Coaching has to be used in conjunction with developing competences in leadership, management, teamwork… and therefore personal engagement with staff is vital. Without this personal relationship, coaching cannot be successful. The right start with clear expectations on both sides and a final evaluation are necessary factors for coaching.

Veerle Van Praet - Human Resources Manager - Stork Technical Services Belgium N.V.

Moving the goalposts, motivating internal and external business partners, a vision of a new role, a new challenge was what I had in mind to begin with… In my search for the right guide, I came across what I needed in Dirk. The coaching helped me to widen my horizons and also to develop competences. Now I can present myself well, focus more clearly and communicate better at all levels. It’s not just a case of planning the journey – how you travel and get there is just as important.

D. - Director Operations Benelux - Telecom

The company recently became part of an international group, resulting in a change in the management team and the need to implement new policies. With Dirk’s help we were able to create the right team based on the competences available internally. New positions were identified, whilst some existing roles were re-designed. Dirk’s team building session was a real eye opener and the cooperation within the management team has improved dramatically; we will meet again in the future. I appreciated Dirk’s open mind, creativity and structured approach to tackling problems. Finally, he has a very good understanding of industry challenges and opportunities.

Yves Malherbe - General Manager - Petroplus

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