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Michel - Manager projecten en productontwikkeling - Provincie Antwerpen

Maarten - -

My working environment was very unpleasant: the atmosphere, the hours, appreciation, etc, left much to be desired. I was having doubts about resigning: if I went somewhere else, wouldn’t I experience some other problems? It was clear I was out of place in my job at the time, but where would I feel like I belonged? For me, the programme was very agreeable. I found it interesting to press pause and think about myself for a couple of days. It was lovely to work with a small group of people and other group members’ insights sometimes turned out to be valuable contributions. Some of the exercises guided by the coach were challenging. For example, I realised I was not as in tune with my values as I thought. Coaching in group made me freshen up my own values and made me more aware again of the things I find important, also within a company. Through this, I knew more what to look out for in my search for a new job and at the time, it gave me the courage to resign. After a short transition to a temporary employer, I have – I believe – found a wonderful job, where I will start very soon!

Melissa - -

In the daily rush of work and life, you suddenly ask yourself: what in the name of God am I doing? Is this what I want? Why do things take more energy from me than they give me? Do I dare to make the choices to do the things that are worth it for me? Through once more becoming aware of your own system, you learn to reset your inner compass. Dirk approaches this in a very informal way and gives you the time and space to look for and discover yourself.

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