• Beter werken met coaches
  • Creating
    a team
    focus on
    the connection
  • The first followers influence
    the quality of leadership.
  • Beter werken met coaches
  • Life is like riding a bicycle.
    To keep your balance you must keep moving.
  • Beter werken met coaches
  • People don't get lost because they don't have a goal,
    but because they don't know where they are.

Business coaching

Are you facing any of these situations at work: An increasing number of factors beyond your control? The number of stakeholders is growing? Changes are being implemented so much quicker? […]

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Executive coaching

You have a responsible job in your company. You really want to progress but the company style does not lend itself. The result: Increased pressure, either short term or permanently. […]

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Team coaching

You know yourself what coaching can achieve and want to give your staff that same opportunity. There are issues: There is more pressure on the team that you lead or […]

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Are these situations familiar? Managing people is new to you; how can you best make your mark.. You were once part of the team. You came from another company and […]

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Open training

Navigo arranges workshops, lectures and evenings where current issues are discussed. Keep up to date with current trends. It is an ideal opportunity to meet the Navigo team. Have a […]

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Moving the goalposts, motivating internal and external business partners, a vision of a new role, a new challenge was what I had in mind to begin with… In my search […]

D. - Telecom

Dit was een ontzettend boeiende ontdekkingstocht. De opdrachten hebben me laten kennismaken met aspecten van mezelf die ik niet wist te hebben. Op professioneel vlak vind ik het enorm verrijkend. […]

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